Show Quality Shearing for the Conscientious Breeder

John Brian Gunther- Biosecure Alpaca Shearing, Ltd.

John  B. Gunther
Biosecure Alpaca Shearing, Ltd.

Brian Joseph Gnizak - Shear Relief, LLC

Brian J. Gnizak
Shear Relief, LLC

     I've been traveling around the country shearing alpacas professionally since 2003.  I started shearing when I was  about 12 years old at the urging of my older sister. Being a hand spinner,  she was unhappy with the quality of the fleeces our local meat sheep shearer took off her fancy fiber sheep.  Over the years, I've specialized my shearing to serve fiber artists and the alpaca community.
     I love this job!  I get to travel around the country, meet interesting people, and work with a great crew.  Last summer,  I went to an advanced shearing school in New Zealand.  Hopefully,  I've learned enough to keep me ahead of Brian for a little while. Hmmm, maybe I should thank my picky sister.
      I'd also like to thank the guys who work on my crew, as I couldn't do this without them. We work long hours, eat way too much fast food, and get kicked and spit upon regularly. They are awesome.
     When I'm not shearing,  I like traveling, wood turning, drawing, hiking, and mixed martial arts. I've also been taking classes at our local college. 
 I look forward to seeing everybody again this year and meeting new people.                          ~  John

     I started my own alpaca shearing business  in the spring of 2008, after working for several years with John Gunther.  John taught me how to shear, but my goal is to be better than he is. He knows this, so it keeps him on his toes.  :-)
     We are  both volunteer firefighters and EMT's on the same department locally.   Off season I work some construction, have worked on a concrete crew, and enjoy WWII re-enacting in my spare time.
     John and I have been friends since we  were little and have worked together on lots of different projects,  this has been the most fun.  Last year I sheared over 5000 alpacas and llamas. 
     I am looking forward to working  with a four man crew this year, with three other guys that share my ideas of honesty, integrity, and working as unto the Lord.  I enjoy the satisfaction of a good day's work and the sense of accomplishment I get out of it. I also enjoy meeting the good folks we shear for and seeing some of the prettiest places in the country. 
                    ~ Brian

 Some of  "The Crew"
RoadMom Rachel answers the phone, schedules appointments and keeps in touch with the boys on the road.  Feel free to call with any questions or concerns, our "road mom" will take care of you...